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Lately, I have been noticing all over social media these women with these flawless looking lashes and simple make up routines. To say I was envious was an understatement! I love the look of false lashes & for special occasions you'd most likely see me sporting some but they are such a hassle to put on. I also really dislike that no matter how much make up remover I use, I still have glue residue left over for days! Since I suffer from acne and acne scarring my makeup routine is already pretty long. I have to apply primer + foundation + concealer + setting powder and then do my brows, mascara, eyeshadow, etc. It's definitely not very quick and since I am about to be taking care of a little babe 24/7 I likely will not have the time to devote to my arduous routine. Since I also don't want to look like I'm on the Walking Dead, I decided something about my routine needed to go. So I looked all over for a good deal on lash extensions so I could skip my mascara step of my routine. And you guys... it has been AMAZING. Sure it's another thing to keep up maintenance wise like waxing, but it cuts out a good ten minutes of applying my makeup everyday! I'm sold! I always appear to have flawless, long lashes and don't apply a hint of mascara. Also, I have even been able to skip my eyeliner as well since the lashes provide a more dense lash line. Here are my answers to some frequently asked questions:

F A Q's:

Are the lashes grouped together or laid one by one?

The lashes are one for one, which means that my girl who does them lays one lash extension on one natural eyelash. They are not like the ones you find in the store by Ardell that are grouped together. This provides a more natural lash look.

What are the lashes made of?

The girl who does my lashes uses faux mink lashes. There are real mink lash extensions out there, however, the faux mink look just as good!

What lash length do you wear?

Whomever does the lash extensions will be able to pick the length best suitable for your lashes and for the look you're going for. Since I wanted something noticeable but on the more natural side my girl chose a mix of: #10s, 13s & 15s. Now, I have no clue what that means but that is what she told me! She said that those are right in the middle on the length spectrum. She placed the shorter ones closer to my inner corner, and the longest ones closest to my outer corner. This gives the most natural appearance since your natural lashes tend to become longer as they reach the outer corner of the eye.

How do I clean them? Do I avoid getting them wet?

First things first, my girl told me to NEVER avoid cleansing my eye area even with the lashes on! Obviously, if you avoid getting them wet & cleansing them of debris, you risk the chance for bacteria to build up on the lashes which could potentially cause an infection, no bueno. I was instructed to avoid steaming my face but not to avoid washing it or the eye area. Also, I was instructed not use hot water on them for the first 24 hours while the glue set. For regular maintenance, I was told to mix together baking soda, water & baby shampoo together to create a cleansing solution. This solution helps cleanse the eye area and remove any makeup build up. This will keep the lashes clean and looking good longer!

Won't the glue come of if I wash my face?

No, the glue that should be used should be a waterproof glue that will adhere the lashes to your natural lash. Obviously, each lash technician will have different glues so make sure your technician clarifies with you that they are using a waterproof glue. Also, make sure to stay away from any sort of oil or oil makeup remover near the eyes! The oil will break down the glue and the lashes won't last.

Some of mine are falling out, am I doing something wrong?

No! This was the hardest part for me after I got mine done. Everytime one would fall out I'd have like a mini funeral for it, okay I'm over exaggerating but still, I spent a lot of money on these and they were falling out ahhh! It's natural, your lashes naturally shed just like your hair does. The lash technician will place the extensions on the lashes that are not close to their shedding phase but obviously through the lashes life cycle, some of the extensions will be shed along with your natural lash. You most likely don't notice your bitty natural lashes being shed but you will notice your big mama extensions! Don't fret, that is what the refills are for and you won't look ridiculous even in the days leading up to your fill. Your lashes simply start to look slightly less full.

Do the lash extension ruin your natural lashes?

This is something that I personally have not noticed. The outcome could potentially be different for each person based on the glue that is used, if they are done correctly or how rough you are with them. I personally refrain from rubbing my lashes altogether so I won't risk additionally fall out & don't wear heavy eye makeup with them on. So if you are someone that has a tendency to pick at your lashes or rub them then you may experience more damage to your natural lash or more lash fall out.

How often do I need to get them filled?

It is recommended to go about every 2 weeks. It has been two weeks for me and I have scheduled my first refill since I want to have them done before the baby comes. If you don't mind them looking less full you could probably push it to every 3 weeks instead! I will most likely push my next refill to 3 weeks. You may also want to consult your lash technician on what they would recommend for you!

I have now had my lash extensions for two weeks and am heading back in for my fill! So, after the two weeks of having them and getting used to them, would I recommend them? Heck to the yes! If you want some nice full lashes, a shorter makeup routine, and a little boost to your confidence then I say go for it. It is an initial investment because it is something that requires regular maintenance but if it means I don't have to scrub so much eye makeup off at night then I am all for it!

If you have any further questions related to lash extensions please comment below and I can get back to you!

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