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Well I am officially overdue. And unfortunately, I didn't receive much good news at my last appointment. No need to worry about the babe, he is doing quite alright in my belly, a little too alright and that is the problem! He is so comfortable that he doesn't seem to want to come out any time soon, womp womp. Therefore, I am scheduled to be induced this next week! As much as I was hoping to go into labor on my own, God has a plan for me and my sweet little man and this is all in His design! The up side to having to be induced is that I know exactly when I will be going to the hospital to have my baby which helps me finish up some last minute things as well as finally share with you what I will be bringing with me for the big day! I love reading what other women pack in their hospital bags, or travel bags, or purses for that matter... apparently I am a nosy person (insert monkey covering his face emoji here). Anyways, I thought I 'd share with you what I have pulled together to bring with me for my hospital stay after Ryker is born. I've included not only what I have packed for myself but also what I have packed for Michael (I even managed to fit his stuff in my bag #winning) and for baby boy as well.

FOR MAMA aka me:

I am notorious for over packing. We could be going somewhere overnight & it looks like I am leaving the country for a month (you think I'm joking...). Michael always gives me a hard time when we go places so I was determined to only pack things that I would use & some items to make me feel more comfortable. I am the type of person who loves to be at home so when I am away from home I bring things that will make me as comfortable as possible when I am away. Obviously, when packing for yourself you don't have to pack nearly as much as I did and can fit it to your own needs. But since you're curious about what's in my bag, I'll list it all out for ya:

Belly Binder (I got mine for $5 at Marshall's!)
♡Contacts + Contact Case + Solution
♡Sephora Travel Toothbrush
♡iPhone charger


Of course Michael was honestly the easiest to pack for, men are so simple. All he needed was some gym shorts, a couple pairs of boxers, a couple pairs of socks, some T-shirts (I am in love with this one he will be wearing home!) and a sweatshirt. Michael will be wearing a comfortable outfit much like this to the hospital as well, the change of clothes is for if he stays with us in the hospital if I end up having to stay longer than 24 hours after delivery. He will also toss in his toothbrush and deodorant the day we leave. Oh, how easy it is to be a guy! I also stashed some snacks away in my bag for Michael in the event that he gets hungry, no one needs a hangry husband when they're in labor that's for sure!


And of course, Ryker was the most fun to pack for! So essentially I over packed for him but I don't regret that one bit because his clothes are far cuter than mine. The hospital will be providing diapers and wipes for him so I won't need those, as well as some other basic things he'll need. These are more for my own pleasure than necessity ;) For him I am bringing:

♡Black Kimono Onesie (old, similar here)
Onesie, Leggings & Bib set for going home (also love this!)
Satsuma Baby Mittens
Boppy Pillow (I got my cover here!)


I also elected to pack a couple of extra items to bring with us to the hospital as well. Because obviously I am an overpacker. Anyways, I am bringing this Dr. Seuss book that my sis in law gifted Ryker because I want everyone who visits us in the hospital to sign the first few pages of the book with a special message on his birthday. This book will also be given to each of his teachers throughout his school career so they can say a little bit about him each year. I plan to give him the book when it is fully completed, along with some words from his dad & I, on his graduation day! Also, I am bringing along the baby journal I purchased to document Ryker's first year. This journal is so incredibly detailed but profoundly simple, I absolutely adore it and have already started filling up some of the pages with details of my pregnancy! I am bringing this along so that they can put his first footprints into one of the pages in this book. Lastly, one of the extras I am also bringing with me are my nurses gifts for the hardworking nurses who help me during my stay! I will be sharing a post about these soon!

And that's about it! What did you pack? Am I missing something?
Comment below & let me know!


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