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Hello friends! Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to share about 1 & 2 month old Ryker, especially since I'm already behind, whoops (insert monkey covering his face emoji here)! I'm so behind on his monthly posts already, what am I going to do with myself... Good thing I wrote all the info down in my baby book!

Anyways, I thought I'd share some fun facts about my little guy for each month!

LENGTH // 23 inches

WEIGHT // 10 lbs. 8 oz

some newborn clothes, mostly 0-3 month & size 1 diapers


being in the car
bath time
going on walks
being outside
EATING - seriously this kid can eat! 
hanging out with daddy
snuggling with mama
swinging in his Mamaroo

getting his diaper changed
getting lotion put on
tummy time
being swaddled

**I nursed him for almost 3 weeks exclusively but we began supplementing around then because he never seemed satisfied or content after each feeding. We eventually weaned him off of nursing and he is exclusively bottle/formula fed now. I will eventually do a post about our breastfeeding journey & why it ended when I have enough time to sit down and write it (which may very well be when Ryker goes to college)!


When Ryker's umbilical cord stump fell off and we were finally able to give him a real bath, we were so excited! We got his little bath all set up with nice warm water, had his lavender scented body wash, had warmed up his towel in the dryer so he'd be nice and cozy when we were done, you know the works! We were totally like "we can do this!". We place him in the baby bath and he is so calm and happy so of course we're just gushing about how cute he is and how sweet he looks... then he literally sharted in the water and it turned brown! So we had to grab him from the bath, empty the shit filled water and rinse out the bathtub in order to finish his bath. So you could say his first real bath was an #epicfail. Yup that's my kid!

While I was still breastfeeding Ryker, he would literally be on my breast all day long. Sometimes (a lot of the time) he would fall asleep while feeding. So to wake him up I would hand express some milk into his mouth to get him to finish eating. Well, on this day I was obviously so tired that I didn't realize he had unlatched before I squirted some milk out and it sprayed across his face! If I wasn't sleep deprived at that point I probably would have died laughing (Lord knows I am as I type this!), but instead I cried because hormones, sleep deprivation and losing some precious breastmilk make for a very sad mama.


Ryker practically never slept when he I was exclusively breastfeeding. For the first month of his life he slept in our room in his mamaroo because it would be the only that kept him asleep for longer than a half hour. He would wake up ever hour to nurse & it was brutal. When we decided to implement formula into his routine we finally got a few good hours of sleep, both of us! And once we through in the towel with nursing, Ryker appeared to be a much happier and content little boy! At a month old he would sleep from about 10 pm until 3 am, we would change him & feed him and then he'd go back to sleep until 6 am! This was huge for us! 


This month we spent a lot of family time together since Michael was able to take 6 weeks off for work! For the 4th of July we also packed up literally our entire house and spent the weekend at Michael's parent's beach house! It was so much fun and Ryker was spoiled with plenty of Grandma & Grandpa time!

LENGTH // 24 inches

WEIGHT // 12 lbs. 14.4 oz.

Size 2 diapers
Mostly 3-6 month clothes (already!?), he even wears some 6-9 month PJs, this kid is growing like a weed!


Ryker had his 2 month check up this month and he had to get his first set of shots! It was so so sad because the nurse tried to administer the first shot and Ryker jumped so she was unable to administer the medicine. He therefore had to get the shot done again with a new needle after she had done the other 2 shots. So the poor guy was stuck 4 times but only got 3 shots! It wasn't the nurse's fault though, this kid has some crazy strong legs! He cried during the shots but calmed down as soon as I got to hold him. The doctor checked him from top to bottom and said he is a totally healthy little boy!


bath time
"talking" to mama
when daddy comes home from work
car rides
looking at the TV
sucking on his fist
when he sees me in the morning


diaper changes
Nose Frida
when the car stops
not being the center of attention (LAWD help me)
taking naps if people are over
tummy time
being burped
being cold or just being in his diaper

So glad I can type this... Ryker sleeps through the night! Hallelujah! One night he just decided he wanted to start sleeping through the night and literally has done it ever since! He now gets a 6 oz. bottle at night after his bath and we do his prayers then he we put him right into his crib and he will sleep from 9:30 until about 6:30 or 7 in the morning. We transitioned him to his crib when he started sleeping longer stretches and was getting too big to sleep in his mamaroo or the bassinet we have. Honestly, the transition to his crib was no big deal for him so we got really lucky! We made the move at probably about 4 or 5 weeks since Michael was going back to work and wakes up so early in the morning. We wanted him to be in his own room so he wouldn't wake up when Michael did.


One night Michael's mom came by after she had finished up working to see Ryker, she was holding him and I could tell he was pooping. It takes him a little while to get it all out so we waited until we thought he was done and chatted. She happened to mention "oh it feels kind of warm, I think he's done". So I went to grab him and as soon as she held him up I saw poop dripping down his legs covering his entire bum and... her white pants! Whoops! I started laughing so hard & so did she that we didn't even notice poop also made its way onto my couch! Oh my gosh, it was literally a poo-splosion! 


Ryker is becoming more and more interactive each day and we are loving it! We are having so much fun talking with him and making him smile! He has also went to his cousin's 2nd birthday party this month too so it has been so much fun seeing him interact with others. 

We just love watching this little man grow each day and see his personality shine through!

Happy 2 months Ryker James, we love you!

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