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Don't let the title scare you! I promise you don't see some scary, National Geographic video of my birth experience! I finally got around to finishing up the editing for my birth photos and decided to compile them all into a video in chronological order so I can cherish those pictures in one place. Now, I am a novice at best when it comes to editing videos so I kept it super simple but it turned out more beautiful than I had imagined. I wanted to share it here with you guys because there is something so fascinating and unknown about each person's birth experience. Mostly because each birth is totally different for everyone and even with different children. There is something so mysterious about it and you never know what it will be like until you go through the experience. It is funny because before I had Ryker, everyone would say that birth is so beautiful. And I always thought it was so strange to use that word to describe it because it seems so intense. However, going through it myself and then having these amazing pictures to look back on, I can honestly say that beautiful is the best word to describe it. I hope you enjoy this video, and you can find Ryker's birth story here if you'd to like read it.

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