Real life right here folks =  post blowout bath time + no makeup/mom bun

Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, I am guilty of getting caught up in all the glitz and glamour of the blogging, Instagram and social media world. It creates this feeling of inadequacy, of never being good enough. And being a mom is already the hardest job in the world, but this feeling of inferiority to others is what makes it a million times harder. There are days where I feel like I am so on it as a mom, where I am able to clean and get ready all in the same day. Where Ryker actually decides to nap when he is supposed to and I am able to make dinner before Michael ever gets home. But those days, they are few and far between in this house. Most days, I am struggling to get Ryker to nap in between trying to keep up with the dirty dishes and trying to go pee so before I know it Michael is home and wondering what's for dinner. And 98.7% of the time, I haven't so much as run a brush through my hair let alone put a swipe of makeup on my face.

So on those days, I am vulnerable to the social media glitz. I look at these moms with their beautifully clean kitchens, sipping their coffee with their full faces of makeup and perfectly messy mom buns. And I am envious. I am overwhelmed. I am naive.

Yes, naive. Because those are the highlight reel moments for those moms. And don't get me wrong, I share my highlight reel too. They have their days where they don't wear makeup, their house is a mess and their dog just shit on the baby's playmat (no? that one's just me?).

So here are a few real life, no BS #momfessions of mine that I'd love to share with you all! Because some days you thrive, and some days you just survive.

1. If you follow me on Snapchat (@mandi_hart) you know that I recently found a lizard on a pillow, inside my house. I don't do insects, bugs or things like that. So instead of trying to catch it and remove it from the house, I simply shut my bedroom door and hoped for the best. Michael got home and asked if I caught the lizard since it wasn't in our room anymore... I now sleep with one eye open praying that I don't wake up in a Parent Trap situation (best part of the movie!).

2. I haven't washed my hair in almost a week, and I am pretty sure my scalp is like 99% dry shampoo at this point.

3. Some days when Ryker finally goes down for a nap, instead of cleaning or getting things done, I sit and binge watch Netflix shows and drink iced coffee. Before Michael comes home I'll quickly tidy up and spray a homemade (essential oil) air freshener through the air to make the house smell good since I never gained the motivation to clean. When he walks in he usually says "wow the house smells clean babe". I don't have the heart to tell him it's just an air freshener and I'm lazy... oops.

4. Laundry is never ending... I don't know how but I think it multiplies in the middle of the night. And I usually neglect the folding process until I have do laundry all over again and we just pull clean clothes from the mountains of unfolded, clean laundry all week. Will I ever get it together and actually fold it!? Doubtful.

5. My house is already decorated for fall and I am working on our Halloween costumes #noshame

6. Wine. Okay, so this one isn't really a confession. Think of it more as a necessity and thank me later.

So virtual cheers to the fact that we're human and no matter what our kids will always think we're superheros, even if we haven't showered. You're doing good mama!

If you have a confession. do tell! Comment below!

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