Ryker | 3 Months


I can't even believe my little dude is already 3 months old! Where are the days going?! He has such a personality developing and is getting more and more fun each day. I am loving spending all the time I get to spend with him and watching him grow! 

LENGTH // 24+ inches

WEIGHT // about 13 lbs. +

mostly 3-6 month clothes, some 6-9 month, 9 month PJs & size 3 diapers

sitting up like a big boy
his highchair
car rides
going on walks
sucking his thumb
snuggling blankets
his Baby Einstein cell phone
when mama reads to him

when you take his bottle away
when the car stops
getting lotion put on
tummy time

Ryker is doing so good with sleeping! (please don't let this jinx it) He goes down about 9 & wakes up in the morning between 8:30 and 9. He also takes two really good naps during the day usually. One around 11 & then another after he eats in the afternoon so around 2 or so. He wakes up in such a happy mood I love it!

We have done some fun stuff this last month, he has been to a few different summer BBQs, the farmers market a few times, on hikes with mama & to plenty of coffee dates! He loves going on trips with mama to Target (like mother like son!). And just went to see his Auntie's new apartment on the campus of her university & to have lunch at our fav place, Chick Fil A! We're looking forward to all the fun fall activities we can do in this next month, including nailing down our Halloween costumes!

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