Ryker | 6 Months


I can't even believe that my little man is already 6 months old! Seriously, where is the time going!? As sad as it is that one half of his first year Earthside has already come and gone, this is honestly my FAVORITE stage so far. He is honestly so so much fun and is changing every single day. He babbles all day long, loves to eat and just recently started sitting all by himself!

LENGTH // 28 inches

WEIGHT // 21 lbs.

6-12 month clothes
12 month PJs
size 4 diapers (daytime)
size 5 overnights (nightime)
size 2 shoes


sitting on his own
fake coughs for attention
holds his own bottle (occasionally)
can drink from a trainer sippy cup
getting shy around new people
reaching for people
separation anxiety :(


standing up (assisted)
Fisher Price cellphone
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
fruit, veggies & oatmeal
rolling from his back to his tummy

missing out on things (major FOMO)
when mommy leaves his room for naptime
when he isn't the center of attention (oy!)
not getting his bottle RIGHT when he sees it
finishing said bottle (insert eye roll)


Thankfully, he is still my champ sleeper at night! HALLELUJAH! He goes to be about 7 pm every night and has the same bedtime routine. We do bathime, jammies and bottle every night. Usually, we sit in his room and read a story while he eats or sing songs, then we do prayers and he goes in his crib while still slightly awake. He can put himself to sleep and has been able to since he started sleeping in his crib. He wakes up for the day usually around 7:30 in the morning so he sleeps a full 12 hours! Naps are usually about the same time every day unless we have errands to run or doctors appointments to go to. How he naps depends on the day, he usually sleeps alright for the majority of his naps but sometimes we have our days where he doesn't want to nap at all. Usually, those days coincide with a wonder week leap and him trying to hit a new milestone. For any mamas out there I HIGHLY recommend reading The Wonder Weeks! It has helped me so so much as a first time mama.


Since it's been the holidays we have been SO busy recently seeing family and doing lots of fun things! This month was extra fun since it was his first Christmas and we got to decorate the Christmas tree together, read Christmas stories, read about the birth of Jesus and experience Ryker opening presents for the first time! He has made this holiday season the best ever and we already can't wait for next year.

We love him more and more each day and can't even remember a time where he didn't exist! He is literally our whole world and we absolutely love watching him grow!

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