Precious Baby Skin


Baby skin, so soft & sweet, with adorable rolls. Is there anything sweeter?

Or more sensitive?

Before having Ryker, I was determined to use only the best products on him. I tried to steer clear of anything with perfumes, dyes or unnatural fragrances. I stocked up on plenty of different brands always purchasing the "Sensitive" or "Fragrance Free" lines, thinking that this would be enough. After he was born though, it became fairly obvious that his skin was even more sensitive than the "sensitive" or "fragrance free" brands could handle.

It first started showing up at only a couple of weeks old, eczema. We suffered with it on and off for months, never being able to treat it with anything. His pediatrician recommended countless brands of lotions & potions to try but nothing worked. Around his three month mark I was absolutely fed up because you could tell it wasn't getting better and my poor baby was so uncomfortable. Also around this time, I started my journey with essential oils and Young Living. Best decision ever.

I immediately jumped on the loyalty program they offer where you purchase products each month and get even more products for free along with points back, you can read more about that here. So one of the first items in my order was the Shampoo, Bath Gel & Lotion from their KidScents line. I started trying it on Ryker the first night I got it, he was having a flare up of it at the time so I was only bathing him once a week because his skin was so dry. By the next week when it was time to bathe him again, I noticed a huge improvement in his skin! He had less patches of eczema & the ones he did have for less red in color. I was hoping it was due to the new lotion I was using on him but didn't hold my breath since eczema can come and go in flare ups. Fast forward a month, he was having less and less skin sensitivities and his eczema wasn't making a comeback like it always had before. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement! These products are such an amazing testimonial for us on the positives of trashing those store bought products that are full of hidden additives and chemicals that can irritate precious skin and moving to all natural, plant derived products. 

In addition to implementing the KidScents bath line from Young Living, we also started doing weekly coconut oil massages with Lavender essential oil. I think this made a significant improvement in his skin as well! Here's some fun information about the many uses of Lavender:
"Lavender is a universal oil that has traditionally been known to balance the body and to work wherever there is a need. If in doubt, use lavender. It may help with anxiety, arthritis, asthma, body system balance, bruises, cold sores, depression, earaches, headaches, heart irregularities, high blood pressure, insect bites/bee stings, infection, influenza, migraine headaches, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rashes), stress, sunburns (including lips), throat infections, whooping cough and wounds."

I am not saying that he is cured of eczema or rashes, but we don't suffer with them daily like we did before. His skin is so much better supported with these products than with products we had tried in the past. I feel so much more comfortable & confident reaching for products that I have an ingredient list that contains natural essential oils and other things I can actually understand when I am looking at the label. If you haven't already, I encourage you [and literally everyone you know], to download the Think Dirty app and start scanning the products you use on yourself, your kids, the products your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend uses and see what you're really putting on your skin & essentially inside your body since our skin is our largest organ. Would you want to drink chemicals? Then why apply them to your skin? This was part of my resolution this year to lead a healthier lifestyle and I can honestly say it not only has done my mind and body some good, but also my soul! If you have any questions on getting started with essential oils please comment below😊

For more essential oil use with kids here is a fun article from the Young Living Blog with other moms sharing their favorite uses of essential oils with their kiddos!

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