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One of the most fun things about being pregnant is imagining who the little person growing inside of you will be. When I was pregnant with Ryker, I used to imagine what he'd be like all the time and I used to love sitting in his nursery as I worked on it, trying to come up with how I wanted it to look for him. This time around is no different, I keep sitting in his room thinking of ideas for it and find myself imagining what it will be like when he is sharing it with me! Even though I already have a boy, I still want this little man to have his own things and to feel he is his own person. Yes, we will reuse the majority of the stuff we have for Ryker but baby boy's nursery will be his own space and reflect that! I've come up with some ideas on how I want it to look and my goal is to create a calm and unique space for him that we can add different touches too as he grows. I can't wait to see how it will develop as we work on it and how it will turn out in the end!

For most of my projects & designs, I like to create a vision board before starting so I can collect my ideas, color options & inspirations. I usually tend to pick one piece to center the nursery design around as my “inspiration piece”. For little man’s nursery, it all started with a tiny stuffed buffalo. There was just something about it that made me feel it needed to be in his nursery so that’s what I’m going with! I never chose an actual “theme” for either of the boys rooms, I sort of let them come together naturally but if I had to put a name to it I’d call it: modern bohemian. I’m using predominately modern furniture, the same dresser & crib we used in Ryker’s modern black & white nursery. (You can view Ryker’s nursery reveal here.) And then I am adding some more boho touches to the room to create a little whimsy, like the double layered shag rugs & the art print that I adore so much. I’ve also grabbed this diffuser (#6, pictured above) & I am obsessed with the blue ombré, it’s unique & functional!

We will also be adding some other details to the room that I won’t be sharing until it’s finished but I am so excited to see how it will turn out. I’m creating a couple custom pieces for the room that will likely be my favorite part of this whole design process😍

I can’t wait to share the finished nursery with you!


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