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Happy week before Christmas friends! I honestly am in shock that we are in the final Christmas countdown. It feels like it was just November 1st and I was putting my tree up😜 Yup, this year I was one of those crazies who put their tree up an entire month too soon but ya know what? I am so glad I did because in less than two weeks I have to take it down! Time flies during the holidays y'all so I am doing my very best to slow down and enjoy every little bit of it I can. This year will be our last year celebrating the holidays as a family of three so I am soaking up as much one on one holiday time with my little man that I can! I thought it'd be fun to share some of our family Christmas traditions with you & a quick holiday home tour.

1. Christmas Eve Pajamas

So one of my favorite traditions every year, is to have special Christmas pjs that we open on Christmas Eve to wear that night as we snuggle up for a long winters nap😉 Michael and I actually started this tradition when we moved into our first apartment and we've done it every year since! There is just something fun about having matching family Christmas pajamas to wear while you open your presents on Christmas morning! I am sure that I won't get too many years of the whole "matching" thing what with having boys, but I will take full advantage of it while I can! 

If you're still on the hunt, here are some cute Christmas PJ options:

2. Being Present vs. Presents

We're very blessed to live the lives we do and to be able to afford to give our kids a beautiful Christmas. But Jesus is the reason for this season folks, and our biggest focus is on that. Don't get me wrong, we will definitely be doing the whole "Santa" thing with our kids and I am all for that! But "Santa" won't be going overboard and bringing a million gifts each year either. Our main priority as parents is to give our kids our presence by spending quality family time together and making memories, not by buying presents. We try to stick to the tradition of: something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Santa brings ONE nice gift and the rest are from mom and dad. This year Santa is bringing Ryker a teepee for his big boy bedroom because his little brother will be receiving the rocking chair that is currently filling the space😊 Santa will also fill his stocking with some new big boy sippy cups, applesauce pouches (his personal fave) and a beanie that matches his dads. Michael & I are gifting Ryker a Strider balance bike which is his big gift from us, a new book on how even tough guys can have feelings and PJs (duh!).

3. Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite things to do each holiday is bake! Maybe it's the familiar smell of cookies in the oven or being able to gift something homemade to friends and family, but it's my absolute favorite. This year I'm going to make the traditional sugar cookies with homemade frosting! We will be giving them out to our neighbors and to some family members we get to see at our family's annual Christmas Eve dinner. Of course, we will also be leaving some out for Santa to munch on when he makes a stop at our house😉

4. Home for the Holidays

This year Michael and I established a new tradition for our family, its a simple one but one that has us feeling content. In years past, we always traveled from house to house to visit as many family members as we could for the holidays. However, even without kids that had us feeling tired and drained. Throw kids into the mix and forget it! We were all ready to pull our hair out trying to make the rounds to see everyone. So we've decided to establish a "home for the holiday" tradition. On Christmas Day, we will spend the day together as a family in our home. Friends and family will be more than welcome to stop in to say hi and have a cookie or two, but for the most part it will be a laid back day at home with just us. This year we decided to host a family brunch so it likely wont be as relaxed but I am so happy to be staying close to home on Christmas.

5. Giving Back

Since the meaning of Christmas isn't about presents or decorations or the cutest Christmas PJs, I try to do as much as I can during the season to give back to those who are less fortunate than I am. This year we did Santa to a Senior, it honestly made my whole life to be able to gift a present to someone who could have felt alone this holiday season. Each Starbucks trip I made this holiday season, I paid for the person behind me hoping to brighten their day. Since we are so fortunate, I want to raise my children to be passionate about giving back to others and that small gestures can mean so much more than any present. Next year, since Ryker will be old enough, I will be starting our Advent calendar where my goal is to teach him (& his brother but he'll be too little) about the true meaning of Christmas and incorporating small acts of service throughout the season as well.

What are your family's special Christmas traditions?



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