Family Pictures + Our Christmas Card



My goal is to get family pictures done every year, since we're always so busy & 99% of the time one of us isn't looking our best, it's pretty darn impossible to get even one good picture with the three of us together. I am sure that adding another little dude to this mix will surely add to this chaos. But I am determined, even if I have to force everyone out of bed on a Saturday to put on their very best (coordinated) outfits so we can traipse through a tree farm😂
Surprisingly, it took us under 45 minutes with minimal meltdowns from both my husband & Ryker! And we got tons of amazing, frame worthy photos to choose from. Hallelujah! Truly a Christmas miracle. Afterwards, we all went out to lunch at our fav mexican food spot to treat my saint of a sister in law who took these special photos for us. All in all, a successful day if you ask me!

I will definitely be cherishing these photos, afterall it will likely be the last set of family photos we have done as a family of three. Soon there will be four of us & I honestly still can't believe how blessed we are!

Our Christmas card for this year was done using Tiny Prints. It's the third year in a row I've used them & I am always so happy with how good they turn out! Plus, they're super affordable which is a win for my frugal husband😉


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