Mama + Son Date | Why they're necessary for my soul


Yesterday, Ryker and I went to the park for a little while in the morning. Then we grabbed lunch at our favorite spot, Chik-Fil-A. It was such a simple morning, nothing spectacular, but it was so incredibly special. I love getting to spend every day with my little man, but I am guilty of letting our routine get the better of us. Most days I feel trapped by the "everyday" between naps, grocery shopping, running errands, making meals, cleaning the house & everything else in between. Which of course leaves the door open for allll the mom guilt to creep in.
If you're a mom, chances are you know the feeling I'm talking about.

Finding the balance between chores, baby & all the other hats I where as a mom and a wife is pretty difficult. Something I definitely have to work on each and every day. No one understands the difficulties of being a mother until the day they are one. Granted, no one understands the complete joy being a mom brings as well. Even on our hardest days, I am still so incredibly grateful that I get this chance to be a mother.

I dreamed about being a wife and mother my entire life, now here I am, living out my dream. Most days, I feel so happy & blessed to be living the life I am. But there are some days where I feel completely exhausted, underappreciated and overstretched. On those days, I feel as though I have failed. Especially since this is all I have ever wanted, I feel guilty for feeling like I want to lock myself in a room and just be alone. But you know what, that is completely normal. On those days when I feel like a complete failure, I am simply doing my best. My son will continue to love me no matter what and I have not failed. 

So on the days like yesterday, where I set aside my to-do list and took my little dude on a simple date, it wasn't just for him. It was to soothe my mama soul too! My mama heart needed a morning like yesterday where we ran around the park with no worries and no plans. I just let him show me where he wanted to go. I let him explore and get into things, share with me things he'd find and it was exactly what I needed. I needed to see the world through his eyes, to let all my worries & to-dos go and just be. Because he is my most important work, and I cherish getting to spend these moments just him & I. One day, he'll be "too cool" to hang out with me and I will have to remember these moments where he wanted to be with me and where I am his best friend. These are the days folks!

So yesterday, I chose my son and all the fun that that entailed. And it was the absolute best day ever!

To all you mamas out there feeling like you're failing, you're not alone & you're doing an amazing job. No one can love your baby(ies) the way you do!

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