How I Maintain A Tidy Home


Occasionally, I'll get questions on Instagram on how I possibly manage to keep my home clean and tidy with a rambunctious toddler. To be honest, I don't feel I do anything too crazy to keep it looking nice. I still let Ryker play and make messes to his hearts content, because boys will be boys! But for the most part, I've just established a simple routine that I stick to. Here are some of my tips:


One of the things I've learned, especially being a stay-at-home mom, is how quickly things can pile up. Dishes, laundry, mail, you name it and I'm sure you know how easily it all piles up! I do a little bit of everything throughout the day to stay on top of it all so I don't have a large pile of something staring me down. Otherwise, I'll get overwhelmed and will neglect it altogether. Since we're home the majority of the time, it's relatively easy for me to stay on top of it if I make it a priority. So for example, I make all of our meals and then once we finish eating I rinse all of the dishes and place them immediately into the dishwasher. Then, at night before I go to bed I run it so all of the dishes we used will be clean for the next day. I've noticed that I feel much more relaxed and content at the end of each day when all of the little tasks have been accomplished and I can start the next day fresh. I use this same logic with toys too. I know that Ryker is going to continue to make a mess throughout the day, so why don't I just let all the toys sit out and leave it until the end of the night? Because that means I have even more to tackle when I am exhausted and just want to go to bed, when I could just keep up with it throughout the day so there's less to do later. I always pick up all of his toys before he goes down for his nap, I call it clean up time and Ryker knows to put all of his toys in his baskets. If he is really interested in one thing and a bunch of other toys are strewn about, I'll likely tuck those back where they go as he plays. I usually rotate his toys around as well and we usually purge ones he doesn't gravitate to anymore every couple of months.


If there is one thing you take away from this post, let it be this! I promise you, you honestly won't regret it. We have the iLife VS5 Pro robotic vaccum and she (yes, she) is my lifesaver! The reason I chose this vacuum:


The mop attachment doesn't work as if you mopped yourself so don't expect it to completely take that away from you. But it does help with everyday maintenance! Which means that I have less work I have to do on the occasion that I do mop. I have her set to run every night while we're in bed or relaxing on the couch, usually around 8:30. She'll do her business for awhile, then tuck herself back into bed (aka her charging dock) when she is done! Then the next day, usually while Ryker takes his nap, I'll put on the mop attachment and switch out the dust bin for the water tank to have her do a quick run through with the mop. My floors honestly have never been so clean which makes me feel good since my kiddo is constantly playing on them! I should also mention that she has NO problems switching from our laminate floors to our carpet or even to our rugs. I have a thick shag run in the dining room and she takes care of it no problem. She'll even vacuum the carpet in our bedrooms, and while she doesn't make even carpet lines she does keep the carpet from collecting all manner of dog hair and dust so that makes me happy! I am telling you, BEST INVESTMENT EVER.


You may be thinking, how in the heck is using natural products going to help me maintain a tidy house? Well, because it's a one stop shop! I prefer Young Living's Thieves All Purpose Household Cleaner because it is highly concentrated and I can dilute it to the amount I need. It is all natural, toxin & chemical free plus it's infused with essential oils. Double plus, it smells like Christmas which y'all know I love! I can literally clean every single surface of my house with one spray bottle of cleaner, no BS! I mix two capfuls (I like mine more concentrated) with water in a 16 oz. spray bottle and use it to clean: toilets, counters, tables, stains, carpet, wood & even mirrors (I have a bottle that has some witch hazel in it so there are no streaks!). Another reason to use natural products, your little ones can even help! Ryker doesn't really "help" me clean yet but he will spray the squirt bottle for me so I can wipe things down. He thinks its the coolest thing ever, I am teaching him the value in helping around the house AND the products aren't going to hurt him or cause potential health problems! WIN WIN WIN! If you haven't already, make sure to download the Think Dirty app and start scanning your household products. You'd be amazed the kinds of things hiding in your everyday products, especially the ones you use around your family!


This is another thing that has truly changed my life. I used to not care if there were dishes left in the sink or if there were piles of clothes to fold. But I noticed that if I started my day with all that clutter, it put me in funk. It made me not want to tackle anything that day and it put me in a bad mood knowing that those things could have been quickly accomplished the night before. So I've made it a goal everyday, to have a tidy house every night before I go to bed. That way I wake up each morning with a clean slate! My favorite thing to do each morning is wake up early to a clean house, make my coffee, turn on my diffusers and sit in silence as the sun comes out. It is so peaceful and I definitely wouldn't be able to take those quiet moments to myself if I have a pile of dirty dishes from the night before hanging over my head.

While I am no expert on keeping my house clean and break some of my own rules from time to time. I find that these tips have really helped me be successful in establishing a routine that works for me and doesn't make me overwhelmed. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard because you truly feel like the "work" never ends and that can be a daunting feeling at times. I've noticed that by staying on top of it and doing a little bit throughout each day, I am much happier & feel more relaxed at the end of each day! I hope you can find these tips helpful in some way too😊


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