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As a mama, it is my mission to find products that make my life easier. I mean, with kiddos, things are already hectic enough let alone using products that suck or don't do what they're supposed to. That's why I always share when I find something that works for me! That way every mama out there can benefit from it! When Ashtonbee reached out to me to check out their products, I was so excited since they also sell their products on Amazon with free Prime shipping! You know me, I love me some Amazon Prime😏  I started using their products and immediately knew I had to share! They seriously make mealtime with a toddler soooo much easier.

We use the Ashtonbee Silicone Bibs every time Ryker eats because my oh my can this kid make a mess! I swear he would end up wearing most of his meal before we started using these bibs. But since these bibs are waterproof and have the food-catcher tray, it makes for super easy clean up! Which I am allll about because I spend most of my day cleaning up enough😂

Going along with the theme of spilled food, Ryker was also notorious for dumping his entire plate onto the floor when he was done eating. Thankfully, Ashtonbee also sent me their Stay-Put Bowls with spill-proof lids! These are a lifesaver for a mama on-the-go! We have been using them nonstop to take snacks with us while we're out and I know that everything is nice and secure with the lid on. I like to use these for breakfast when we usually give him his granola and the bowl sticks right to his highchair! It's toddler-tested and there was no way he was going to be able to get that thing off! These bowls are also dishwasher safe so I can toss them in the dishwasher for quick clean up and don't have to worry about it.

Speaking of spill-proof, we also got these awesome Silicone Sippy Cup Lids that turn any regular cup into a spill-proof sippy cup! I am so bad about forgetting to bring a sippy cup with me when we go to restaurants and Ryker is such an independent little guy that he hates when he can't drink from a cup on his own. So I keep one of these sippy cup lids in my diaper bag at all times just in case I need it! They're super convenient because they slip right onto any cup and boom, you're good to go! I tested it a few times on different glasses and tipped it all the way upside down just to make sure they didn't leak and not even one drop came out, total win!

This company really keeps moms and kiddos in mind with their products and I truly appreciate how easy that makes my life! The best part? Their products are all insanely affordable! I love a good baby product that works but I also don't want to break the bank with it either. Ashtonbee thankfully keeps the affordability factor in mind so you're getting a well-made product for a decent price! I am definitely going to be purchasing these Magnetic Cabinet Door Locks for our kitchen because Ryker is always getting into everything. And this is the best price for them that I have found!

I am super excited because I even got their Silicone Breast Pump for when baby brother arrives! I have heard that it's always good to have a manual breast pump on hand for quick pump sessions or to catch milk on the side you're not nursing on. No milk can go to waste y'all, that stuff is like gold! I didn't have one when I was nursing Ryker and feel like I would have really benefited from it then. Since I do plan to nurse again, this breast pump will definitely be a necessity! Best part: you can stick the whole thing in the dishwasher for easy cleaning! I hatedddd cleaning my other breast pump with all of its complicated parts and pieces so this is going to make my life so much easier, especially with two kiddos under two!

So now that you've fallen in love with these products too, because seriously they're awesome, I have a coupon code for you guys to save even more! Simply enter the code: MANDIN10 at checkout for 15% off of your order!

I truly can't sing enough praises about these products and how convenient they are!
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This post was sponsored in partnership with Ashtonbee. These products were gifted to me by Ashtonbee in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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