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You guys, I have a problem... I will purchase a planner every new year, andddd halfway through the year I completely stop using it. I have tried so many different planners and could never find one that really fit with my lifestyle. I was on the hunt for one that was simple, but had enough space for me to write things down, keep track of appointments and brainstorm blog posts & house projects. Everything I found was just either too much or not enough. I love a space to fill out goals and inspirations but I felt like having something like that for each month or each week was just too overwhelming and I would never use it. Enter, May Designs. Seriously, all the stuff I need in one place and it is a simple, clean layout that is easy for me to fill in and keep up with!
I purchased one of their customized Agendas and love all of the color options that they offer. Their agendas are completely customizable from the inside pages to the outside cover and even with the option to add your monogram, which I love! I chose the Classic Black & White Months/Weeks version of the agenda and absolutely love the simplicity of it. I also added an additional notebook with the meal planner option so I can stay on top of grocery lists and meal plans for each week. I am obsessed! It has a space to write out your meal plan for the week and then a corresponding grocery list to go with it! It was always so hard for me to stay on top of what we needed at the grocery store based on what we were making for the week so this is really helping to keep me organized and also helping me to stay on budget at the grocery store!

One of the best parts of these May notebooks is they're compact so they fit easily in their folio folders to keep everything together and organized. I have my agenda, meal planner, gratitude and list notebooks all organized in my folio for easy access. I can easily grab my folio, toss it in my bag and head out the door! They even have these adorable stickers to add a little more flair and fun to your planner too! I love this because it totally makes it more fun to plan out each month and stay organized! 

May Designs is currently offering 30% off their 2018 Customizable Agendas until Friday, January 26th! No code necessary, the discount applies at checkout!


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