Momiform Monday No. 5 + Life Update


Overalls are my absolute favorite attire as a mom. They're easy to throw on with any top, trust me on this because I've literally thrown them over a PJ top before (I won't tell, if you won't😜). My favorite part about overalls is they are the perfect transition piece for different seasons. I'm sure in most places it's still winter since it's mid-February but for California, it's basically spring😂 We don't get much "winter" here, so I have to be intentional about things I buy for my closet and make sure that I have enough items to help me get through these awkward months where it's gloomy & cold one day but the next its sunny and 75! Overalls are literally the best for this! You can pair them with a long sleeve and cardigan for cooler days or short sleeve and slides for warmer days. One piece that can fit two different seasons!

I am also OBSESSED with this mini saddle bag from the Universal Thread line at Target. I shared more of my love for this line and some goodies I am eyeing from it in this post. This bag is super similar to the one I shared in this post too. These slip on sneaks are also from the Universal Thread line and they are soooo comfortable. I literally can't stop wearing them! These are going to be a major staple for me as we transition into spring and summer since they slip right now and the taupe color can be paired with anything.

On another note, Michael is going in for surgery today😬 It's something we've anticipated for awhile now that I haven't shared about. Basically, he has what is called a lipoma which is a fatty mass or tumor. It is benign, to our knowledge, but will still be biopsied further once it is removed. And that's why he is having surgery, to remove this mass. The surgery is relatively in-evasive from what the doctors keep telling us and the recovery should be relatively easy but surgery is still frightening nonetheless so any prayers you'd like to send our way is greatly appreciated! The mass is in his neck, just near his lymph nodes so originally we were concerned it was a lymph issue, thankfully that's not the case. It took us almost two years to finally get the answers we needed on this problem so finally making it to the day where it will be removed is also a relief! We're praying for healing and no further issues as we move forward. We're so blessed that Michael is seeing an incredible head and neck specialist who is also a plastic surgeon that specializes in cases such as his, we're hoping this makes for an even easier recovery so we can have him back to his normal self in no time! I will keep you all updated with how things are going over on Insta stories if you'd like to keep up with us.

Thank you to anyone who has already sent their well wishes and prayers! We greatly appreciate it!

XO, Mandi


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