Momiform Monday No. 6 + Another Life Update


I wore this outfit our to a family BBQ this weekend and it was the perfect casual attire for running errands throughout the day as well. I am at the point where leggings are pretty much the only thing that feels remotely comfortable😅 Thankfully, these leggings by Rosie Pope are my latest favs and they are oh so soft and comfy. I am also living in these basic tees by Old Navy, definitely a closet staple and the perfect lightweight material to head into the hot California summer. Still obsessed with this bag from the Universal Thread line and will probably gravitate to it throughout the spring and summer since it's such a versatile piece!


The weeks are just flying by around here friends! It feels like I just wrote this post, explaining why Michael had surgery and now here we are one week post-op! I thought I'd give you guys a quick update on the recovery process so far and how we're all doing. Surprisingly, recovery has been pretty much a breeze! Once out of surgery, I was able to go back to see Michael and he was still pretty loopy from the anesthesia but relatively coherent and in a pretty good mood making jokes to the nurses. The nursers were all so incredibly helpful and kind so it made the experience that much easier. We got a run down of the post-op instructions and I was able to take him home less than an hour after he got out of surgery! Of course, in true Michael fashion, the first person he called post surgery was his boss to inform he survived and would be able to go back to work soon... (insert MAJOR eye roll here LOL).  The rest of that evening he was able to relax and mostly just slept and ate. His requested first meal of choice was of course his favorite, apple crisp😂

By the next morning, he was basically back to his old self! He didn't have much pain, just mild soreness and discomfort that eased when he took some ibuprofen. We stuck to cleaning the incision once daily with hydrogen peroxide, followed by some Lavender + Frankincense essential oils to ease itching and promote healing in the incision area. Now, we just have his first post-op appointment tomorrow to see how everything has progressed and receive any follow up on the biopsy of the mass! We're so incredibly grateful for such an easy surgery & recovery experience, plus very attentive doctors and nurses who have called to check in. It truly made a scary experience much easier to endure! We're also truly grateful to all of you who have reached out with your support and prayers! It has really meant the world to us to know so many people care and were rooting for a quick recovery.

In other news, it has been a blast having so much time to spend with Michael this last week! Which is the reason why I have been slightly absent here and on social media this week. We are soaking up as much family time as we can before he heads back to work sometime this week! We definitely needed this time together after months of only seeing him for a couple of days, if that, on the weekends.

We have finally caught up on some of our house projects that I will detail further here on the blog soon! We added some shelves to complete our guest bathroom overhaul which I am so excited to share with you once we fine tune the little details. Also, we officially finished up the nursery! Once little bro makes his debut I will be sharing the full nursery reveal here so stayed to for all that because this nursery was truly a labor of love and it turned out even better than I could have hoped. In the mean time, you can check out little bro's nursery inspiration board here.

Well friends, I think that's it for now! Thanks again for all your support!

XO, Mandi


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