Momiform Monday + Weekend Recap


I shared these Espadrille sneakers on Instastories a few weeks back from a recent Target shoe haul! They are soooo stinking comfortable and breathable that they will be a go-to shoe for the spring and definitely the hot California summer. They're super easy to throw on with anything and I love this transitional look that works for this awkward time between the seasons. For some reason, this week is going to be completely bipolar for weather here in SoCal. One day it'll be warm with sunshine, and the next will be rainy and freezing! This utility jacket is going to be my go-to this week because it's light enough to be worn on a warm day and can be layered with a pullover or hoodie on the cold and rainy days. Definitely worth it to have a jacket like this in your closet for any type of weather!


I swear to you this weekend literally when by in the blink of an eye😩 We also somehow managed to add 10 more things to our "to-do before I'm due" list and managed to check off not one thing on it😂 The struggle is real lately to find the balance between getting things done and enjoying the last few weekends we have together as a family of three! This weekend was pretty relaxed, we enjoyed a nice family day on Saturday. Except for the fact that Michael and I for some reason could NOT sleep. We each woke up at about 4 am and had barely gone to bed before midnight. Definitely a case of pregnancy insomnia for me and perhaps a case of sympathy pain for him! Anyway, we were nothing short of exhausted on Saturday so our list of to-dos flew out the window. Sunday we had some friends over for a BBQ and just enjoyed some time outside in the nice weather before this weeks rainy days. It was nice to just have a slow and laid back weekend since we're still getting back into the swing of Michael being home during the week. I also have to get back to meal planning and prepping food each weekend which I am both excited and not excited about. While I thrive on having a routine and planning out meals so I'm not scrambling for dinner each night, I forgot how much work it was to plan out a weekly menu, grocery list and then prep all the food😑 Extra glad I splurged on this May Designs meal planner to help with all of that!

So there ya have it, a pretty boring weekend! But we wouldn't have it any other way after the whirlwind of weekends been having with Michael away during the week. Plus, our weekends are sure going to amp up in the next few weeks since we have so much to accomplish and our friend's wedding on the horizon! 

What was your weekend like?


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