Old Navy Baby & Kids Sale Picks


Old Navy is having a 50% off ALL Baby & Kids sale right now with an ADDITIONAL 30% off your entire cart! 😍 This is definitely the time to stock up on spring and summer items for a killer price!

I predominately shop at Old Navy for Ryker's clothes. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I shop anywhere else! I do buy some basics at Target like the plain tees or the pants occasionally. But for the most part, Old Navy is where it's at for cute, and MODERN boy clothes. I can't stand all of the cliche boy clothes they have at other places with characters all over them and in blinding colors. I prefer neutrals, as you know, so I find that Old Navy has a good selection. I like to have a good amount of items all in coordinating colors so that I can mix and match to get more wear out of each item. Ryker mostly wears lounge outfits on a regular day so I like to pick up different types of comfortable shorts and jogger pants since that's usually what he's rocking. I was able to grab a TON of stuff during this sale for Ryker and ended up saving MORE than I spentπŸ™Œ woop woop!

Happy shopping friends!

XO, Mandi

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