Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Gents




Guys are hard to shop for, let's just be honest. I swear anytime I've ever asked Michael what he wants for a holiday I always get the "I don't know" shoulder shrug. Which is hilarious considering he HATES when I am not specific with him on things I want😂 So if you're just like me and your man is hard to shop for, don't you worry, I pulled together some tried and true gift ideas!

I tend to gravitate to gifts that are useful but still cool or unique in their own way, I elaborated more on this in this post. I like the functionality of the this 5-in-1 grill tool but also that it'd be pretty cool to display in an outdoor entertaining area with it's monogrammed look.

Slippers in my opinion are always a winning gift, you can never have too may pairs! I got Michael a pair for Christmas from Red Wing that he loves and I think he'd like these UGG ones just as much. Speaking of Red Wing, they have some amazing leather wallets and card cases! Something that can be often overlooked when you go to one of their stores. I like them because they're simple, sturdy and they last forever! Michael has a Red Wing wallet that I got him years ago that literally still looks brand new, its amazing! Another cool card case idea would be this 2-in-1 iphone case + card holder. The dual function is something to make any guy happy considering they only have so many pockets to store stuff in!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen Michael sporting his Qalo wedding band. It is both functional and cool, and it's the only thing that works for Michael since he's an electrician and can't wear a traditional wedding band on the job anyway. Plus, they're super comfy to wear and I actually have one for myself too!

If your guy is a coffee drinker like mine, this really nice Hydro Flask Coffee tumbler would make the perfect gift! It's sturdy, sleek and keeps that coffee hot hot hot!

You could also go with the classic gift ideas like Wayfarer Ray Bans that never go out of style, Old School Vans that literally everyone is rocking nowadays,  or a simple Carhartt Beanie since we still have some cold days ahead. I am all about the classics! Something simple but timeless! Speaking of, make sure to enter my giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to shop Jord's unique timepieces and get your man one of those for Valentine's Day! Check this post for more on why I love the simple look of these watches.


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