What's the Deal with Waxing? And why I think it's worth it!


(this was taken after I was waxed which is why the paper is messed up)

Recently, I shared on Instagram that I went to go get a Brazilian wax. I got the usual "oh gosh, I couldn't do that" or "is it worth it?" responses. I've had this conversation a million times with my girlfriends and everyone has a different experience but one thing is for sure, waxing your vaj is 100% worth it. Unless you do electrolysis (the removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using an electric current.) I highly suggest ditching your old, probably gross, razor and toughing it out for a Brazilian. Why on Earth would you do that? Well there's a couple of reasons:

1) It's more sanitary! Unless you're grabbing a new razor every time you shave your lady bits, chances are there is plenty of bacteria, leftover hair and soap residue gunking up the blade. Um, ew.

2) It's way more effective! Think about it, how often do you have to shave down there to keep it smooth? If you're anything like me, chances are its quite often. One of the best parts for me of waxing is that it requires ZERO maintenance afterward until my next wax within 4-6 weeks.

3) Your significant other will thank me😂 I don't know what it is but there's something about a freshly waxed vajayjay that really gets my husband going, if ya know what I mean! Feeling the need to spice things up in the bedroom? I'm married, I get you. Well, this is a sure fire way to get things really exciting! Plus, you'll be feeling so good about your new look that you'll be ready to show it off!

4) If you're pregnant, there's no worrying about having to shave down there with a big ol' belly in your way. I remember being 41 weeks pregnant & having contractions with Ryker when I felt like I needed to shave things up down there. Let me tell you, I should receive an olympic medal for that! It was NOT easy. The main reason I've been keeping up on my waxing game this pregnancy is so I don't have to worry about keeping things landscaped down there! That way when it comes time to deliver, I'll be ready to go. 

I am personally all for it! Anything I can do to make my life easier!

Here's my personal answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it painful?

Yes, but only for a moment. Even your first wax with a good technician should only take about 15 minutes! They apply the warm wax to the skin, apply the cloth strip, ask you to take a deep breathe AND boom, the strip comes off. It stings for a couple seconds and they're onto the next one!

What is the most painful part?

This is all based on each person but traditionally the mid area right around where your vagina lips begin. That is the most sensitive area!

Does waxing your rear end hurt?

Everyone always assumes waxing the anus is the worst part, I sure did! And surprisingly, it's actually the quickest and least painful! Most people are surprised when they get it done just how easy that part is.

How often do you have to go?

Again, this is based on each person and your technician will tell you. But I usually schedule my next appointment for every 4-6 weeks to stay on top of it!

Does the hair grow back?

Yes, but much softer and finer than if you shave! Which is another benefit to waxing. The more you go and the more on top of it you are, the less hair that will grow back.

Is it sanitary?

Depending on where you go, yes! I found a place that I know and love. So it is all about finding somewhere that makes you comfortable! A good place should have paper down for you to lay on, a small paper sheet to cover you with and the technician should be wearing gloves. It should also be clean and well maintained. My best recommendation would be to search for a place via Yelp so you can read honest reviews!

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