DIY Padsicle Recipe & Why You Need 'Em Postpartum


I made some 'padsicles' the other day and thought I would share here how I made them! But first, what is a padsicle? A padsicle is a generic menstrual pad, dolled up with some soothing ingredients that you place on your lady parts postpartum to help with swelling and discomfort! You may be thinking, but do I really need them? Well, I didn't make them when I delivered Ryker and instantly regretted it! I remember all I wanted for the first few days post birth was something to ease my pain and inflammation down there. In the hospital they give you these newborn diapers filled with ice that is literally amazinggggg. But ain't no mama got time to try and fill some diapers with ice when they're busy nursing a newborn! That's why padsicles are so darn handy, you just unwrap it & enjoy the sweeet relief!

So here's what ya need:

❤ pads, preferablly organic but any will do
❤ pure aloe vera gel (this is the kind I used)
❤ Lavender essential oil (purchase yours here)
❤ Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel

How to make 'em:

First, unwrap each pad carefully, making sure to not remove the plastic backing or the plastic covers for the wings since you'll need those in order re-wrap it. Then apply a good amount of witch hazel down the center of each pad, about a tablespoon or so (you don't want to drench it). Add your aloe vera up & down the pad making sure it coats everything. You especially want it near the center and rear end region, in case you suffer any tears. After the gel is applied, add a few drops of Lavender down the length of the pad. Lavender aids in reducing inflammation, soothing redness and healing tissue. I even added a couple drops of Frankincense to each pad for an extra healing boost but you don't have to! And that's it! Once you've finished just wrap each pad back up carefully, put them in a ziploc bag and toss them in the freezer so they're ready to go!

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