Dressing Confidently in Pregnancy


There is nothing harder in pregnancy, especially in the later months, than getting dressed. Am I right mamas? With your expanding waistline, sore boobs and aching feet, it may seem almost impossible to feel confident in anything. Trust me, I've been there. When I was pregnant with Ryker I didn't invest in good maternity clothing that fit well, I just grabbed whatever I could that was cheap and easy. And you know what? I shed so many tears attempting to get dressed each day. It always felt like a battle to find something that was 1) comfortable 2) stylish and 3) fit me well. Thankfully, I came across Pinkblush Maternity! Hallelujah friends🙌

The reason I love Pinkblush so much is because they really curate their items to fit all pregnant women, all body types and all styles. Their clothes just make you feel like one hot mama! I love that they offer cute maternity clothes at an affordable price. As much as I want to feel confident and look cute in pregnancy, pregnancy is only a short period of time and I want clothes that don't break the bank. One other plus to shopping there? You can still wear the clothes after baby too! I love that because it adds double duty to each item I own. I can feel confident wearing this cute maternity dress at 33 weeks pregnant, can still rock it postpartum when my body is changing and even once I am back to my pre-pregnancy self!

I have a few events coming up in these last couple of months of pregnancy and genuinely wasn't looking forward to finding outfits to wear to them. Luckily, Pinkblush completely changed that for me! I am now so excited to head into Spring with my big ol' bump and rock this adorable dress.

So I thought I'd share a few of my tips for dressing confidently in pregnancy to help any first time mamas out there so they don't learn the hard way like I did:

1) Shop at Pinkblush, no seriously, I can't stress this enough! I've tried a million other maternity brands and nothing ever fits me quite right or they only have items that aren't anything I would normally wear outside of pregnancy.

2) Pick items that flatter your growing bump. Instead of trying to hide your bump or attempt to force it to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, purchase a few pieces that show it off! Pregnancy is such a beautiful time and should be acknowledged and celebrated! I may not like it when people touch my bump but I sure do like to show it off😊

3) Go for quality over quantity. I think it is much more important to dress your changing body in high quality pieces than pieces that will hardly last you the duration of your pregnancy. Pick a few high quality items that can go with things you already have or that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits!

4) Splurge on a really good pair of maternity jeans. I know, why is it important to buy nice jeans when I can't wear them post pregnancy? Trust me, once that baby comes you'll still be reaching for those maternity jeans for at least the first few weeks! Plus, a really good pair of maternity jeans will last you your pregnancy and any future pregnancies you have too. Think of it as an investment! I absolutely love these ones from Pinkblush, so cute!

5) Have fun with it! This is the most important one! Have fun picking out items for your growing body. Enjoy this special time in your life when you and your little one are sharing such close quarters. It goes by so incredibly fast and enjoying each moment of pregnancy is hard but finding little ways to spoil yourself will make it that much more fun! It is hard work growing a human so finding ways to feel your best makes it a little easier😉

Thank you to Pinkblush for sponsoring today's post and providing the most adorable maternity clothes!
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