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Since I've been prepping for the arrival of little man number two, I've come across some really cute shops for baby and kiddo stuff! I feel like there are so many awesome shops out there that I've found and I have truly loved collecting pieces from each one. I love learning of new places to shop for my littles that has unique pieces unlike most stores like Target (even though I love me some Target😂).

So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite baby and kiddo shops!

I love their unique Childhood History journals that provide simple prompts you can fill out for each stage of your little ones life. It even chronicles throughout your pregnancy so you can document every step of the way from the very first test! It has a spot at each stage for pictures, or to share more in depth stories unique to your baby. I just love how simple, yet in depth it is! I don't feel overwhelmed when filling it out and enjoy looking back at each of my baby's milestones.

This is relatively recent purchase for me, but I am obsessed and never going back! I purchased a Gathre Micro in Blanc for little brother's nursery to put on his changing pad for easy cleaning. I have since stolen borrowed it for Ryker's diaper changes and holy crap, it literally wipes sparkling clean! I definitely plan on purchasing a larger playmat for our little playroom space we have in the living room and to have on hand as Ryker gets older and more interested in coloring or doing crafts. They're also so sleek and stylish which I love because they can be used all around the house!

I purchased a Copper Pearl 5-in-1 cover when I was pregnant with Ryker (this one in City) and loved it! It held up throughout his entire first year and we used it for everything: car seat cover, nursing cover, high chair cover, burp rag, you name it! I have since purchased a new one for little bro since our other one was a little worn in (but still usable and we have it on hand as a backup!). I also grabbed some swaddles and bandana bibs this time around and o m g  they are SO SOFT! I love how stretchy the material of swaddles are because it makes swaddling baby into a tiny burrito that much easier. The bibs are also super thick which means there likely won't be any problem catching all the spit up and drool that's to come!

I am obsessed with their brushed muslin sheets! They literally feel like butter and I wish I'd known how awesome they were when Ryker was a baby! Seriously, little bro's nursery sheets are so dang soft I want some in queen size for my bed😂 I also have a couple of their muslin swaddles that are also super soft & cozy!

Ryker never took a paci, which seriously makes me hope that little bro does😂 There were so many occasions where I had wished I could pop a paci in his mouth! I'm also hoping little bro takes one because I want to use the adorable pacifier clips I got him from Ryan & Rose! These paci clips are so unique and well made! They come in a million different styles and colors, each can even be engraved with baby's initials or name for an extra special sentiment. I got these ones for little bro and of course had to personalize them with his name!

I loooove the idea of having a Moses basket to put a sweet sleeping babe in to carry around the house! It seems so vintage and actually really convenient because you can literally bring baby all around the house with you. I picked up one of the changing baskets by Design Dua for little bro's nursery because I loved the unique and bohemian look, something I was going for in the nursery! It's also really convenient because we can bring it into other rooms with us for quick diaper changes. 

This will be my first baby that I can wear in a ring sling and I am so stinking excited! I didn't know about ring slings until Ryker was much older and had outgrown them 😭 but as soon as I knew we were expecting again, I snagged one of the Wildbird ring slings! They come in beautiful patterns and colors, plus the fabric is amazing. I just adore the quality! I have this sling which is currently sold out but they always come out with more beautiful styles each season!

You may be wondering why I need a ring sling and a wrap, but I can assure you it is always best to have options! I feel like I'll be more comfortable using the Solly Wrap in the beginning with little bro but once out of the newborn phase will switch between both! I used a wrap with Ryker in the beginning and it was typically the only way I could get anything done in the evenings during his fussy hour! It seriously saved my life because it allowed me to make dinner and clean up all while holding him so close. Plus, there's just something so special about babywearing that I will truly cherish forever! I miss those days and can't wait to experience them again. I purchased the Solly in Ochre but it's unfortunately sold out, they have so many other beautiful colors like this one or this print!

I came across these gorgeous wooden name signs all across fellow mama's Instagram accounts and I instantly became obsessed! They are such an incredible statement for a nursery and love how they showcase your baby's sweet name. As soon as we found out we were having another boy I immediately snagged one of these gorgeous name signs for my little dude! They are handmade😍 and completely customizable! 

Where my boy mamas at!? This ones for you! It is truly impossible to find cute clothes for baby boys sometimes, I swear most places tailor their shops to girls because there's soooo many options for girl clothes. Which means the poor little boys often have a wimpy selection. But not with Cuddle Sleep Dream! They're tailored to little boys which I love! Obviously, since I am a boy mama! I actually snagged little bro's coming home outfit from here, personalized with his sweet name on it! The quality of the outfits are also something to note because the onesie and pants I got are so stinking soft, perfect for little newborn skin!


I love the quality of each of these shops and whether you're a mama shopping for your little or someone shopping with a new mama friend in mind, I highly recommend any of these shops and their products! As a second time mama, I have truly learned where I want to splurge and where I want to save when it comes to baby items so finding shops like these that have the best of the best has been super helpful when picking things up for my little ones!

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