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I have been getting a lot of questions lately from fellow pregnant mamas about what I am packing in my hospital bag this time around so I thought I'd share here everything I'm bringing with me! With Ryker, I packed literally everything and used maybe 10% of it the entire stay we were there or wished that I had brought different things. It's nice to have "lived and learned" so to speak, so I have the knowledge of what I will and won't need this time around. My biggest goal was to consolidate everything I wanted to bring to ONE bag only. We stayed for only 24 hours in the hospital with Ryker before being discharged since I had a normal, vaginal birth so one bag is definitely all we need. Also, the hospital provides so much for baby that all I really need to bring for him is the extras like my preferred swaddle, onesies and a hat, just so he doesn't have to wear the hospital ones. Michael will likely pack his necessities the day of with some fresh clothes and his toiletries, or he may just come home and stay with Ryker while I'm with baby bro in the hospital.

For my bag I am using my favorite Logan & Lenora Carryall in Meow because it is HUGE and waterproof. It is totally machine washable (and can even be tossed in the dryer!) which for me is amazing especially since we'll be bringing it to the hospital with us! I am not a huge fan of spending the night away from home, so my goal is to have things with me to make myself as at home and comfortable as possible while I'm there. The first time I didn't pack any socks for the hospital and instantly regretted it when they gave me a pair of the hospital ones. They're sooo oversized and not very warm or comfortable. Thankfully, I came across these super cute ones from Kindred Bravely that I'm bringing with me. They're non-slip too! I am bringing some comfy, nursing friendly PJs too and in black of course, since I'll still be bleeding heavily and will feel more comfortable wearing dark colors. I am also packing a cozy cardigan since hospitals are typically pretty chilly and I ended up having the chills after my epidural wore off, this one is my absolute fav! I also plan on bringing my own pillow, as well as my favorite blanket since hospitals aren't the comfiest of places to sleep. One of the things I'd really wished I'd known the first time was to pack an extra long phone charger because the typical one couldn't reach the bed, talk about annoying! So this 6 ft. phone charger was a must have in my bag.

I do plan on bringing a couple of "extras", one of which will be my letterboard with baby boy's name filled out for his birth announcement! And because I am a freak (so my husband says) I am also bringing a small fan to help me sleep at night. Yes, I sleep with a fan on simply for the noise and can NOT sleep anywhere without one😂 I made sure to pack little bro's Promptly Childhood Journal as well, that way we can get his sweet footprints added to it and I can fill out his birth stats! It's such a special way to document my babies growth, I truly love looking back through Ryker's journal and reminiscing!

One thing that was recommended to me before I packed my bag with Ryker, was to bring an extra tote bag for any extras you receive at the hospital. Totally brilliant! I am so glad I did this with Ryker and definitely tossed a reusable tote into my hospital bag this go-around as well. What most new mamas don't know is that the hospital can't reuse any of the products they stock your room with, therefore they give you all the extras to take home! Woop! This is great because then you don't have to worry about having diapers or wipes for your little one since the hospital has you covered. They also give you all the extra mesh panties, diaper pads (seriously they're like a diaper😅), Dermoplast and even an extra Peri bottle if they have them! I am bringing my trusty Depends with me but will double up and still use those big diaper pads while I'm there since I'll be bleeding so heavily.

And this is totally not required but I just think it's a nice gesture, nurse thank you gifts. I had such amazing nurses with Ryker and even made them special gifts I wanted to hand out but completely forgot them at home! I was so so bummed because I really wanted to show them my sincere appreciation for all their help and support. This time around I'm just doing something super simple for them but I do want to have a little something to show my appreciation! I'll be sharing more on this once I get them together.

That's basically it! It may seem like a lot to some but I promise this is really paired down to how I normally pack! Plus, I still want to have my necessities that make me feel comfortable. Postpartum life is a struggle so having things on hand to make you feel your best is absolutely essential! I mentioned here the essential oils I am bringing if you're looking for a more detailed explanation on that. I also shared in my instastories a full breakdown of everything I am bringing as well, you can find it saved in my Highlights under 'Mama Stuff'.

And since I am totally Type-A, I of course had to make a checklist to have on hand so Michael could quickly check off & make sure everything is accounted for before we head out the door to deliver our little dude! You can download this checklist for yourself using the link below😄

I hope some of you find this helpful! It can be overwhelming, especially as a new mom, to pack what you need for labor. Hopefully this checklist can take some of the stress out of it!

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