Maternity Picture Preview, Weekend Recap and Cherishing This Sweet Moment in Time


This weekend was seriously gone too fast! It was so much fun and I'm so glad these last final weeks of my pregnancy are filled with so much to do. It surely is making the days & weeks fly by! On Saturday, my mom and sister in laws 'sprinkled' me with a little get together just the four of us at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants where we enjoyed sunny weather, indulged in too much chips and salsa, and chatted about all the things. It was something I definitely needed! And such a fun way to be celebrated without all the hubbub of having a baby shower. As fun as they are, they can also be so stressful! Thankfully, we already had everything we needed for baby bro so a little 'sprinkle' of love & my fav lunch was all that was in order😊

I scheduled my maternity pictures on Sunday and was so incredibly excited to get them done! I didn't do professional maternity pictures with Ryker, my sister in law graciously met us for a day at the beach and took some adorable shots for me. But there's something to be said for getting into a pretty dress, putting on some nice makeup and taking pictures with a pro! It was such a fun and surprisingly comfortable experience. The photographer we used was absolutely amazing! She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed the whole time, which made for amazing pictures obviously! She truly captured everything I could have envisioned for these pictures and I will cherish them forever.

My sweet boys playing in the field, picking up sticks and rocks. My big old belly making itself known in this gorgeous white dress. The chill in the air. The sun just about to set. My husband continually checking on me to make sure I'm not too cold. Ryker's sweet laughter as he ran away from us. The quick click of the camera as she captured our life in this moment. It's all so sweet, so magical. Something I want to remember for the rest of my days. This beautiful snippet in time.

As for that baby in my belly, well we can't wait to meet him! To welcome him into this beautiful, chaotic life we have. To know him and to love on him! We're craving that fresh from heaven scent, those make-your-heart-burst newborn snuggles, even the tiny (yet loud) newborn cries. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build a nursing relationship again, to nourish my baby from my body for as long as I'm able. We're dreaming of the moment Ryker meets his forever best friend and for the blessing to watch that relationship grow and evolve. This is such a magical moment in time, the moment right before baby comes and right before the madness and sleepless nights ensue. Where you feel on top of the world for God giving you the incredibly opportunity to carry this life and become a parent. It is something I do not take for granted, something I yearned for and dreamed of my entire life. And I am so incredibly thankful to Jessica our amazing photographer for capturing this magical moment in our lives!

I hope you all had amazing weekend friends!

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