Dressing Cute While Staying Comfortable in Your Third Trimester



It is no secret that the end of pregnancy is just R O U G H. You feel huge, you feel uncomfortable, everything hurts and you're just done. Then add in getting dressed and there's sure to be a meltdown. I feel ya! The third trimester is hard and you have every right to want to wear sweatpants and your husband's t-shirt everywhere go judgement-free! For me personally, I do like to still get dressed and ready for the day even when I am not feeling my best because it helps me feel more productive and puts me in a better mood. That's just me though! And believe me, I still have my days rockin' my PJs from sun up to sun down😆

What I've realized now at (almost the end) of my second pregnancy is that getting dressed doesn't have to be impossible in your third trimester! It can still be fun and even comfortable too! It's all about where you shop, maternity clothes are notorious for being extremely ill-fitting unfortunately and I've had my fair share of issues after purchasing something maternity friendly to find that it's shaped more like a tent and less like a woman's growing body. Say no to the tent-shaped maternity clothes ladies there are other options! I have personally had the best luck finding cute, comfortable and perfect-fitting maternity clothes from Pinkblush! They have the best maternity clothes in my opinion because they are are sized for every woman's unique body! No one-size-fits-no-one maternity clothes here😂

Plus, their clothes are C U T E! Clothes that I would 100% wear post-pregnancy and beyond. I've had the absolute best luck with each piece I've gotten from them! My favorite so far is this adorable body-con style dress with the lace back detail, I mean, my pre-pregnancy clothes weren't even this cute. The material feels like butter and it's ruched on the sides to show off the bump and the curves of my body, in a good way! As much as I usually stray away from these tight style dresses on the regular, because #mompooch, in pregnancy I feel like they're the perfect dress! They accentuate your growing figure and can last from the first trimester, all the way through to the end!

It's hard living in California and being pregnant, scratch that, super pregnant, in the warm months! Thankfully, it's only April so we're only seeing mid 80s as our highest right now but that's still too hot for me at the moment! I wore this dress out this weekend to our local downtown farmer's market and out to lunch with my boys. It was one of the warmest days that week reaching about 87* and I was so glad I chose to slip into this dress! It kept me cool, comfortable and feeling super cute while walking around downtown! I even received some compliments from strangers saying how "fashionable" I looked while pregnant😊 tip for anyone not pregnant reading this: ALWAYS compliment the prego ladies, it totally makes our day! I paired it with a comfy pair of slip-on slides and some dainty gold jewelry for a casual weekend look. I wanted to keep it simple since the back detailing was my favorite part to show off! Another cute way to style this dress is with a pair of wedges for a dressier occasion, these are my favorite right now.

So that's why my go-to for dressing cute, but still staying comfortable in these last, long weeks of pregnancy is some staple pieces that not only feel good on but make you feel your very best!

This post was in collaboration with Pinkblush Maternity, all opinions are my own.

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