The Final Countdown + Weekend Recap


Well everyone, I am officially 38 weeks along today! Woop woop! Now let's all just say a prayer that this boy decides to come sooner rather than later🙏 His big bro wasn't so generous and I went an entire week overdue with him, it was brutal to say the least. Since he is fully matured and is basically just packing on pounds at this point, I feel good knowing he can come at any point. We're in the final countdown to baby bro and I just can't wait! #babywatch One stipulation to his arrival was that we make it past this last weekend before he arrived! We had one busy & fun-filled weekend celebrating our friends getting married.

Michael, Ryker and I were all in the wedding party! It definitely made for some challenges since Ryker isn't the tamest of toddlers (that's putting it lightly😂) but he did really well overall and I am so happy that it went well. This was actually my first time ever being a bridesmaid which was so so fun! Michael was a groomsmen and Ryker was the "ring-bearer", obviously we didn't trust the almost 2 year old with expensive wedding rings! The best man took care of that but Ryker sure did steal the show in his adorable outfit running batshit wild completely avoiding the aisle and running straight through the grass eyeballing the dirt🙈 #truestory I can't make this stuff up y'all, he just marches to the beat of his own drummer! The flower girl is only two months younger than Ryker and it was so incredibly sweet watching the two of them interact all weekend. Perhaps an arranged marriage is in their future? 😏 There really is nothing more precious than two tiny toddlers dressed up in formal attire!

Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at the venue, which featured a guest appearance from a horse! It was the sweetest thing when the horse stuck its head through the fence to investigate kiss my big ol' belly! Ryker was obsessed with the horse and so was the sweet flower girl, definitely a venue win for sure. Speaking of the venue, it was just absolutely beautiful in general. It was actually someone's "backyard" if you can even call it a backyard with how incredible it was! It had a beautiful wooden arch with a crystal chandelier for the ceremony, a massive barn decked out in pallet wood for cocktail hour & dancing and a luxurious bridal suite.

The rehearsal dinner itself was also stunning with a very bohemian tablescape done by the mother and sisters of the groom, they killed it! Macrame table runners, amber glass bottle topped with greenery, gold flatware and an array of candles for warmth. The food was delicious, tacos with spicy guacamole, rice and beans. There was wine, beer and champagne galore but obviously I stuck to pink lemonade😉

The actual wedding day came and went so fast! Us ladies spent most of the day getting ready, listening singing along to 'Summer Hits of the 2000s' on Pandora and talking about alll the things. It was so special to celebrate our dear friends and get to be a part of their day. It was so fun to get dolled up and put on a fancy dress even at 38 weeks pregnant! The bride even spoiled us gals with adorable satin robes and beautiful gold jewelry to wear with our dresses! She was absolutely stunning in her gown and I am so excited for her to embark on this journey as a wife!

I have zero pictures from the actual event because I was too busy chasing after my toddler, shout out to all of the kind souls who would jump in to corral him for me and Michael so we could catch a break! We ended up leaving early but stayed out way later than any of us are used to. We didn't get home until almost 10... with a toddler🙀 All in all, it was such a fun weekend and we're so excited we got to be a part of it! The few pictures I got speak to how beautiful the entire event truly was.

Congratulations Ray & Rebecca, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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