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Okay guys, seriously how stinking adorable is this top!? I am obsessed with the crochet detailing, and the soft peach color. Totally perfect for spring! If I wasn't pregnant, I'd love to pair it with some wedges for a date night with my hunny. At 40 weeks pregnant though, a cute pair of gladiator sandals and some distressed jeans totally amps up this springtime look for a wild weekend of running errands! 40 weeks pregnant and still rocking some cute outfits from PinkBlush Maternity! From the very beginning to the very end of each of my pregnancies I've been able to count on them for stylish outfits and dresses that actually fitπŸ™Œ It's definitely a struggle to get pregnant towards the end of pregnancy, especially for someone like me willing to live in PJs all day πŸ˜† With tops this cute though, it definitely makes this prego mama who feels like a semi-truck much more comfortable! And hey, it's nice to get dressed up (or put on something other than sweatpants) when your due date is quickly approaching and you have to do all the things! Also, my favorite part about this look is it can totally be transferred to postpartum life as well which means double the use! I don't like investing in maternity clothes that I can't wear postpartum because what's the point? With PinkBlush, they take that into consideration and every top or dress I own can totally be rocked post-baby too! Hallelujah!

Happy Due Date to me!
Here are some thoughts I am having now that my due date has arrived:

Well, it is officially my due date today! While I had hoped that I would have delivered by now, I am at peace knowing this babe will be sufficiently "cooked" once he decides to make his appearance. The last few weeks have been nothing short of a struggle on my body, I carry big babies and all the added weight is really a lot for my otherwise slender frame to handle. I can't lie to you and say I am not counting down the minutes until this sweet boy is Earthside, for my own selfish sake. But hey, let's be honest, pregnancy is HARD. Especially at the end! It's uncomfortable, exhausting and downright painful. I am trying hard to soak up these last few days until we meet him! I am definitely going to miss being pregnant eventually and will also miss the small amount of uninterrupted sleep I am able to get right now.

I am also soaking up as much of this time with Ryker before he embarks on his journey into brotherhood! I can't believe it, my baby, a big brother. I swear it can't be possible, Ryker was just born yesterday right!? Part of me feels guilty that I am somewhat wishing away these days so we can meet his little brother since they're the last few days with just him as an only child. I will miss these days of our normal, everyday routine. The days where it's just me and him, one on one. I really never expected to be giving him a sibling this soon, God always has different plans for us, so I suppose it's finally hitting me what incredible changes our family will be experiencing soon.

If I am being honest, I am awful when it comes to changeπŸ™ˆ I am such a creature of habit and truly thrive off having my routine, so knowing that things are about to be flipped upside down and routine will literally be tossed out the window... well, it freaks me out. I had no clue what to expect after Ryker came and boy, did I find out the hard way! Michael is much more adaptable than I am in situations and fell into his new fatherhood roll seamlessly whereas I was majorly struggling to say the least. I think part of it had to do with the insane postpartum hormones and the lack of sleep, but holy cow, those first few weeks were a complete shit show for me the last time. As much as I am so looking forward to meeting my sweet little man and for bringing him home to fill our hearts forever, I am also (selfishly) not looking forward to all the craziness that will undoubtedly ensue. I am sure it is completely normal since this is my second time and I actually have an idea of what to expect this time.

All this babbling to say, even as a second time mom I don't have it all together! Sometimes I feel like I've got this and taking on two will be no problem, and other times I feel like I have definitely gotten in over my head. But it's too late now! There's no going back, this baby is comin'πŸ˜‚ I mean, I hope so anyway, he does seem quite content hanging out for awhile!

Quick update: My next doctors appointment is this Thursday if I don't deliver before then, where we'll talk about the possibility of induction. I was set to be induced with Ryker but ended up going into labor naturally 3 days before. So if you're the praying kind, I'd appreciate any prayers that I do go into labor on my own because the less medical intervention in this instance the better. But obviously God knows this little dude's birthday (and how he'll enter this world) already so in due time we'll all get to know too.

All in all, I am so blessed to have been able to carry two beautiful, healthy boys to full term. After my miscarriage, it was something I never thought I'd get the chance to do so I am extremely thankful to the Lord for watching over us these last 9, almost 10 months and for making this my easiest pregnancy so far. Of course there have been the ups and the downs, but I am so grateful to be here at 40 weeks waiting to meet my sweet babe.

Thank you to all of you as well for following along on this journey with us and for checking in on me throughout! I hope that you will continue to follow along as we step into this new normal of ours as we navigate life with two!

Happy Monday friends! Let's rock this week and (hopefully) HAVE A BABY!

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