Cash's Birth Story


I can’t believe Cash has been here for 3 weeks now! How in the heck does time fly by so fast!? I swear he was just born. As most of you know, if you follow me on social media, I went overdue with Cash. One week & 1 day overdue to be exact! It was brutal. I went one week overdue to the day with Ryker and remember how hard it was then too. At that point you’re just DONE. I loved carrying my babies & wanted them to be healthy and cook as long as they needed too but at that point my body just couldn’t take it anymore. Thankfully my midwife could tell that I needed to get the ball rolling on this whole labor situation because she allowed me to set my induction date for earlier than what the hospital normally allows. My hospital won’t induce until at least 41 weeks and 3 days, she allowed me to go in at just one day past my 41 week mark. I think she could tell how uncomfortable I was! 

At my 40 week check up, I was dilated to a 2 and about 75% effaced. So things were definitely happening but for some reason my body just couldn’t kick itself into gear to go into active labor. I was having irregular contractions & sometimes they would become really hard and regular, then just trail off after an hour. It was so frustrating especially since I was so ready. At that appointment, my midwife swept my membranes & told me that I could expect some bleeding and that she was able to “get in there real good” and was hoping I’d go into labor on my own the weekend before i was set to be induced. I didn’t have any bleeding but did happen to lose my mucous plug which never happened with Ryker so I assumed that was the beginning of my labor! Then, sure enough, nothing happened. The next day came and I lost more of my mucous plug, had some slight bleeding & some good contractions so again I though, okay this is it. And what do you know, it definitely wasn’t. 

At this point, I had given up the fact that i was going to go into labor on my own and decided to start facing the fact that I’d be induced. If you haven’t read Ryker’s birth story you can check it out here, but I never had to be induced with him. He just happened to come on his own at exactly 1 week past my due date. I was set to be induced on Tuesday, May 1st at 9 pm. I had a non stress test the day prior and everything came back completely normal and I wasn’t having any regular contractions so it was obvious that the induction was happening. It was somewhat scary for me since it was something I never expected to happen. I was able to go into labor naturally with Ryker so I just assumed the same would happen this time around.

On Tuesday, May 1st, it was business as usual. I spent the day getting things ready, making arrangements for Ryker and running last minute errands. It was actually nice to have the knowledge that my baby would be coming soon so I could actually prepare! I felt at peace and wasn’t at all nervous about the induction process anymore. I started to get excited! We were also able to keep Ryker on his regular routine and gave him his bath and put him to bed. We said our goodbyes to him and snuggled him extra close since it was our last night with our only baby. Once he was asleep, my dad came over to stay the night with him band Jaxson at our house. Michael and I grabbed my hospital bag and made our way to the hospital! 

I was directed to call L&D when I was on my way to notify them that I was coming in to be induced. On the phone the nurse asked me if I had been told which form of induction I was set to have either an “inpatient” or “outpatient” induction. I wasn’t notified as to which so she informed me that most evening or night inductions are “outpatient” where they try to activate your cervix with a gel and if you happen to show no progress, you could be sent home. I COULD BE SENT HOME. I was devastated at the idea that I may have to go home to try again in a few days. I was already expecting to have a baby and to think that that was a possibility sent me into hysterics. Ya know, hormones are bitch. Michael calmed me down and said that we needed to stay positive and cross that bridge when we get to it, I hate when he’s right. 

We got to the hospital just before 9 & I was still in a bad mood from the thought of a failed induction. We went up to L&D, checked in and the nurse took us back to a very teeny room with literally 1 chair. Michael’s mom & sister were already on their way because I said they could be there when I delivered. It was all just not going the way I had wanted it to and I started to feel like maybe I’d be pregnant forever, again, hormones.

Thankfully, my nurse was an absolute angel. I swear, if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t have made it through this whole process. She put in my IV & got me prepared to be checked out by the on call midwife. She also had a slightly bigger delivery room cleaned up for us and I was so appreciative because this one at least had a couch in addition to a couple chairs. 

They got me hooked up to the monitors and the midwife came in to check my cervix. If all went well I’d be able to skip over the cervical gel induction and begin a Pitocin drip to regulate my contractions which meant I would for sure be having a baby. She checked my cervix and I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced!!!!!! I WAS HAVING A BABY!

At 10:10 pm, my nurse set up my Pitocin drip and started me out on the lowest dose to see how I’d do. Michael’s mom & sister arrived, and a little while later so did my aunt and cousin. Things were great, I could feel that my contractions were becoming more regular and that they were getting closer together but they were weren’t very painful at all. We all chatted and talked about what we’d think he’d look like, or if he’d have hair or not. It was such a fun time, we were all so calm and relaxed. 

My sister in law set up my diffuser and put in Stress Away & Orange, one of my favorites. I applied Valor to my wrists (the courage oil) and inhaled peppermint to increase my energy. My nurse would come in periodically to increase my Pitocin drip and each time my contractions would increase a bit and get a little closer. One more step closer to my baby!

It wasn’t until maybe the 5th time she increased my drip that my contractions really started to get intense. They were definitely more painful and I felt I needed to breathe through them more but I was surprised at how much better I was handling it all this time around. 

She checked my cervix and I was dilated to a 6! She asked me if I wanted to get the epidural and I could tell things were starting to get a little more painful but I was still managing so I hesitated and then eventually asked her to put in the order just in case since it’d take the anesthesiologist time to get there. She increased my drip one more time.

And then shit got real. All of a sudden it was like my contractions went from a 6 on the pain spectrum to a freaking 9 in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t talk through them anymore and they were coming hard and fast just like they had with Ryker. They were 1 minute long and coming every 2 minutes or so. Michael, my mom and sister in law could tell that things were taking a turn and stepped into to support mode. They started covering me in cool wash cloths, talking me through each contraction and reminding me to breathe. I couldn’t have done it without them. But holy shit, where the eff was my epidural!? It felt like a freaking eternity until the anesthesiologist finally got there. 

With Ryker’s birth my anesthesiologist was so quick I had only one contraction in the time it took him to give me my epidural, he made jokes the whole time and made the experience so calm. I had a completely different experience this time...

She took FOREVER to get set up and insert the catheter for the epidural that I had 6 contractions in the time it took her. If you’ve never given birth or had an epidural, that’s basically a lifetime especially at the magnitude my contractions were at. You have to sit up, hunch over a pillow and sit perfectly still all while in horrific pain. Sounds easy enough right!? Obviously I’m joking. She finally got me all set up and said it’d take about 10-15 minutes for it to kick in. 

15 minutes passed... nothing happened. I was still in pain. She had given me an injection directly into the catheter that made my legs numb but that was it. I could still feel every.single.contraction. I basically felt paralyzed from the legs but was still in horrific pain. They kept telling me it takes time & that it’d kick in eventually. 

A half hour passed and no relief. I keep telling them it’s not working and nothing is happening. My nurse kept thinking I was fully dilated and that maybe the epidural wasn’t going to help. She checked me and I was at a 7. I kept begging for relief. 

My entire body started to shake and I was really hot and began to panic. My body started to enter transition. Michael was fed up and convinced my nurse to bring the anesthesiologist back to consult on why my epidural wasn’t working. She had zero answers for me and said she could try giving me another direct shot into my catheter like she had before to see if that would help. I had been laying on my side this whole time because it felt more comfortable so I rolled over onto my back and she says “oh, the catheter isn’t hooked up to the drip.”

I began crying. I KNEW something wasn’t right. It had worked with Ryker, there was no reason it shouldn’t have worked this time around. Everyone kept telling me it would kick in and all along I hadn’t even been hooked up to the damn machine. I’m sure they all just thought I was cry baby but in actuality I had progressed all the way to an 8 with no epidural. I may as well had just given birth naturally at this point!

She hooked me up to the epidural drip and within minutes I finally felt my contractions start to lower in intensity. I could still feel some pain and pressure but it was significantly better than what I had felt prior. I was finally able to relax a little and my body stopped shaking, my nausea subsided and my anxiety levels plummeted. It was the relief my body needed so I could relax and progress that last couple centimeters.

Once the epidural was in things seemed to move fairly quickly. Within a couple hours I was fully dilated and started to feel that immense pressure which was my indication that it was time to push! My nurse (the one who was an angel) was about to finish her shift at 7 and we had really hoped to deliver Cash before then so we didn't have to go through a shift change when she had been with us all night. At 6:30 am, my nurse came in and asked if I felt like I was ready to push, I told her about the pressure I was feeling and she checked me. Sure enough I had hit the big 10! We were ready for this boy to come!

She asked me to do a "practice push" to see if I could start getting Cash down the birth canal. So I gave one good push and she told me to "stop!", his head was apparently right there so she immediately called for the midwife. Everything moved so quickly just as it had with Ryker's birth. A team of nurses came in and set up the room for delivery within minutes. The midwife arrived and got suited up. It was go time!

My midwife was a complete miracle worker. She asked me to "give a little push" and then poured this oil around where Cash's head was and worked his little body out! When we made it to the shoulders she told me to give another little push and that was it, he was here! In literally TWO PUSHES. I couldn't believe it! Then she handed him to my mother in law (who wanted to be the one to deliver him😂) and she then handed him off to me. I got the same rush of emotion as I did when I first held Ryker, it's true what they say, your heart just doubles in size.

They waited until his cord stopped pulsating and then had Michael cut the cord just as he had done with Cash's big bro. It was amazing, surreal and beautiful. I wish I could bottle up that feeling forever!

Cash Ryan Nunnenkamp
Born May 2nd, 2018
at 6:53 am
Weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz.
19.5 inches long
absolute perfection

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