What Mother's Day Means to Me featuring testimonies of other moms!


Here we are on the cusp of another Mother's Day, a day to celebrate the special women who do so darn much for little to no recognition on a daily basis. It is a thankless job to be a mother, a job with long nights and no days off. A job that requires every ounce of what you have. A job that will push you to your breaking point. However, it is the most magical, rewarding, special and inspiring job there is! A job that I am so incredibly blessed to have. As you all know, since I've said it time and time again, it was my dream all my life to become a mother. I was that little girl who had every single baby doll, usually dressed in matching outfits, swaddled in their little blankets or tucked away in miniature bassinets. I was that little girl who dreamed of the day she'd have someone call her mommy. I never once dreamt of my wedding day, odd I know, but I always dreamt of the day I'd become pregnant. It's something I find so incredibly special, to be called mom

Motherhood does not come easy. And it is not something that I take lightly. Being a mother is the most important thing you can do in your life. God has chosen you to be the shelter, protection, teacher and friend to another human being. He has chosen you to be at the center of raising the world's next doctors, lawyers, laborers and homemakers. How incredibly amazing is that!? He chose YOU for this little person.

Mother's Day is such a beautiful and special day for me now that I have my own kiddos and getting to celebrate the fact that they made me the mother that I am. But Mother's Day harbors some strong emotions for me as well. It may not come as a surprise since I don't reference her at all, but I have no relationship with my own mother. She made some poor decisions years ago that created a ripple effect on our relationship, ultimately leading to its demise. I have no communication with her. She has never met my children and I plan to keep it that way. It's for their own safety and for my own mental well being as well. This is the only day of the year that really reminds me of our broken bond. In a way, it's sad not to have that mother-daughter relationship you see others share, but I am at peace with it. I know that no contact with her is what is best for me and for my family. God has placed so many other amazing women in my life to lead me as role models in this motherhood journey. I couldn't do it without each of them and they know just how special their relationship and support is to me. 

My broken relationship with my own mother simply emphasizes the importance of my relationship with my own children and how much they need me. Mother's Day for me is not only a day I get the pleasure to be celebrated along with so many other amazing mamas, but a day where I am reminded just how blessed I am that other women stepped into my life to be the support I needed. It reminds me that our actions as mothers are what's most important as we raise up our babies. It is a reminder that although we bring life into this world, it is how we shape those little lives that makes us mothers.

As a testimony to all you amazing mamas out there, I wanted to hear from you on your journey so far through motherhood and what you feel it means to be a mom.

Here are some beautiful words from other amazing mamas on what motherhood means to them:

"Motherhood is a wonderful roller coaster that I never wanna get off of. The love and pure innocence when your kiddo looks at you is just indescribable to me. For me knowing that even If i feel down, or not up to par my children will always think I hung the moon. It’s definitely a one of a kind love"
-Meredith Myers 
2 kiddos, Laramie (2.5 yrs.) & Fisher (5 mo.) 

"Being a mom the the absolute best role in the world. Hands down. I get paid in smiles, giggles, and cuddles. Seeing my children happy is why I wake up every morning and I will forever do my best to give them the world. I may not be rich in money, but I’m rich with love and that’s what matters most."
-Tabby Hart
2 kiddos, ages 3 mo. & 7 yrs.

"Motherhood to me means putting someone else’s happiness before my own and being sure that my kids see the world in the brightest light God intended us all to see it.  I’m the protector, the law enforcer, the laughter inducer. Being a mommy is the most important job ever. I feel honored to be shaping the minds of the future and I’m proud to know that my children will carry on all that I believe in, that Jesus is king, that being green for the planet is important, and that having one extra cookie never hurt anyone. Motherhood is the best choice I ever made. I am truly blessed!"
-Zoe Rosales
2 kiddos, Liam (4) Luke (3)

"I never thought I would be able to have kids. I have a chromosome disorder that runs in my family that I am a carrier of. It affects only girls and can cause trisomy 13, down syndrome, and many occasions, death, not too long after birth. No woman in my family has been able to have a healthy girl being a carrier of this. So when I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with my first, I was terrified.. I never planned to end a pregnancy, no matter what was going on, so it scared me, the thought of possibly losing my baby. I went to see a geneticist, every week, I had doctors appointments until I was 20 weeks. Every test came back negative. My perfectly healthy baby girl was born. I am so thankful to have been blessed with Naomi. My husband and I werent sure if we wanted to risk having another one, because it might happen with another. We decided we wanted to try and if God wanted us to have another healthy baby, he would bless us with one. I found out I was pregnant and was very excited and scared all over again..and again, we went through tests to determine the sex because the chromosome disorder would only affect girls. We found out at 10 weeks I was once again having a little girl. And once again, tests came back negative. I am so blessed beyond words how my husband and I have one beautiful, smart almost 2 year old and a healthy princess due in July. I couldnt have ever imagined being able to have kids and man, I am lucky to have what I have. It has taught me so much. I am so happy to be a Mommy."
-Hayley Santa Cruz

"Motherhood will define you and shape your soul to its very core.  It intertwines your happiness or your sadness in the happiness or sadness of your children forever, and once you’re a mother, you’re succumb to the roller coaster of exactly that: loving somebody so deeply that they are the pillar upon which everything else in your life will balance."
 -Laura Diiulio
2 kiddos, Oskar (4) & August (2)

"My journey into motherhood began not how I expected it would. But my daughter came into this world healthy and she's been nothing else since. My journey into motherhood has taught me to look at myself through the eyes of bravery and fierce love. So, for me right now, to be a mother is to be full of bravery and fierce love for the ones who need you most."
-Kortnie Garrett
daughter (4 mo.) 

Thank you so much to those that contributed to this post and such beautiful thoughts on motherhood. It is a true blessing in this life to be a mother, one I will never take for granted. I am so blessed to be a mother to my two boys and I look forward to many more Mother's Days as that special reminder!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there, cheers to the best damn job in the world!

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