At Home Teeth Whitening... Does It Work?


 Okay so...  little known fact about me, I am a major freak about my teeth! No seriously, it's basically an obsession😂 My husband always makes fun of me for how concerned I am about my teeth! The back story: I had braces THREE times and even had to have 4 adult teeth removed. So I have this passion for keeping my teeth looking as nice as possible! Another thing about me though, I loooove my coffee and my wine. Which obviously doesn't bode well for white teeth! And after all of the work I've had done to keep my smile looking as good as it does, then I want to keep them looking as white as possible too.

I've tried almost any whitening product there is out there! Whitening strips, toothpastes, and even some tray whiteners, all of which never whitened well or caused my teeth to be so sensitive. Then I came across Smile Brilliant! Their trays ensure that every angle of every tooth receives even and consistent coverage of their professional strength whitening gel. The best part? They offer custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less than competitors!

How freaking awesome is that! I always wanted to try custom-fitted whitening trays but they never were very budget-friendly. Smile Brilliant brings expensive custom-fitted trays to anyone! Typically a dentist will charge upwards of $500 for the same service😱  Smile Brilliant for the win! Another cool thing to note is that you don't have to go to a dentist's office to be fitted either, you just follow the simple instructions they send to you with your kit on how to create your own mold. It is super easy and completely mess free! #winwin You mix together the Base & the Catalyst which become a putty almost and then fit them into the plastic trays provided. Once you've done that you insert the tray (one at a time) into your mouth to get the perfect fit! It explains each step in detail so there is no way to mess up, plus they also include extras just in case you have to start over. You then place your fitted molds into the prepaid mailer and send them off to the lab to be created! They truly have thought of everything, and anything that doesn't require me to put on pants or go anywhere is a major win for this busy mama!

After using my custom trays even just once, I immediately noticed a difference! I've been using them for the last few weeks and am loving the results I am seeing. I also love that I haven't had any sensitivity after whitening either since their whitening kits come with a desensitizing gel! Such a game-changer when you want white teeth but also don't want to give up hot coffee or ice cream, amiright!? 😂

Another reason other whitening products just didn't work for me, they were so inconvenient to fit into my routine. Whitening strips never stayed on, LED whitening required holding the light in place which is inconvenient, and those charcoal pastes are way too messy! The trays are so easy to pop in in the evenings after I put my babies to bed while I clean up the house. I'll even pop them in real quick while I get ready to go somewhere! That way I get that extra little boost of whiteness on my teeth before heading out. So convenient, super user-friendly and no clean up!

I can honestly say that I have noticed huge results from using these trays. So much so that my hubs even commented at one point a couple weeks in, "Wow babe, your smile looks amazing!". If my husband can notice a difference, enough to comment on it especially, then it MUST be working😂 I started to feel a shift in how I felt also, I was so much more confident about my smile and could see real results. And I am so excited with how amazing they look today! You can even see my results for yourself, here are my before and after pictures:

*Images were both taken in the same place, at the same time of day to achieve similar lighting. They are both completely unedited and have no filters*
I MEAN SERIOUSLY!?! Check out that difference! All in just a few weeks of whitening! It's not that I was a skeptic or anything before hand, I knew I'd see some results from it but the results I ended up with completely blew me away.

The girl on the left HAD whitened her teeth before, she had tried all the things to achieve a pearly white smile and that was what she had. Not bad, but certainly not impressive. The girl on the right? Well she will be singing the praises of Smile Brilliant from now on that's for sure! The proof is in the pudding friends and these pictures certainly don't lie!

So basically, you need some in your life so you can #smilefearlessly too! The best part? I am giving you the chance to  win a $150 custom-fitted whitening tray kit so you can get a beautiful, flawlessly white smile like me! There's nothing more fun for me than to be able to share something I love with all my buddies! Also, use code KAMPMAMA15 for 15% off your purchase at Smile Brilliant!

The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week (7 days after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

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