Brushing Up with The Smile Brilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush


Something I've shared here before, in this post, is that I am complete freak about my teeth. After years of braces, a few oral surgeries and countless dentist and orthodontist visits, you can understand why! With how much time I have spent getting my smile to the place it is, I am definitely going to do all I can to maintain it. One thing I have always been interested in, is investing in an electric toothbrush, but I continued to put it off assuming that my manual toothbrush was doing a good enough job at cleaning my teeth thoroughly. Well, I am here to tell you, I wish I had invested in one sooner! After using the cariPro Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant, I can honestly say I am never going back to the typical manual toothbrush! 

Smile Brilliant did an amazing job in developing the cariPro because it is a user-friendly toothbrush that takes the guesswork out of maintaining your oral health. My absolute favorite part of the cariPro Electric Toothbrush is that it has 5 settings that assist in cleaning every inch of your teeth and gums thoroughly while still being gentle. One thing I disliked about my manual toothbrush is that it was either too soft and didn't clean my teeth well enough or it was too stiff and was uncomfortable around my gums. The cariPro has gentle bristles that move differently in each mode to accommodate the area of your mouth that you're working on! The 5 different modes are - Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitivity.

I typically brush my teeth morning and night using the 'Clean' setting which is the standard cleaning mode. Once a week or so, I use the 'White' setting which provides a deeper clean that can remove stains from teeth! I love this because it helps keep up my white teeth since whitening them with my Smile Brilliant trays. You all know I loooove my coffee and wine so being able to still enjoy those things and maintain my white teeth is a total win-win! 

Another useful feature of the cariPro is that it pauses after 30 seconds so you know how long you should brush each quadrant of your mouth! This is especially helpful for me since I have a tendency to rush through brushing my teeth and never used to brush for the recommended 2 minutes. Now that the toothbrush alerts me, I effectively brush each section of my mouth for the appropriate amount of time to get my teeth nice and clean!
I highly recommend the cariPro Electric Toothbrush- it would be a wonderful gift for someone as we head into the holidays too! I may just be stashing one in my hubs stocking­čśĆ

If you would like to snag one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can use the code KAMPMAMA25 for 20% off your entire purchase! That's INSANE! Especially since the cariPro is so affordable to begin with.


And because Smile Brilliant is such an amazing company, they're offering a giveaway for my readers! Simply click 'enter the giveaway' below, fill out the information and you will be entered to win a cariPro Electric Toothbrush of your very own!


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